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How This Stuntwoman Uses Alluster to Keep Life Clutter Free

In Vancouver’s real estate market, finding a home is challenging enough, let alone a home with ample storage space. Stuntwoman Ror Tio owns a great deal of bulky equipment, and has no place to put it. Instead of leaving it scattered around her home causing a stressful mess, Ror uses Alluster Storage to help declutter.


In the film industry, it’s easy to accumulate a whole assortment of stunt gear. “I have a lot of sporting equipment for each season. About 12 different types of helmets that take up a lot of room,” says Ror. “Living in an apartment, I don’t have a lot of space. That’s why it’s nice to have everything organized by a numbered Alluster Storage box I can retrieve when it’s time for me to use!”

Use a super powered service

Alluster’s valet storage services pick up, store, and redeliver your personal goods, all within 24 hours. For a stunt person who’s always on the go, it’s the perfect fit. We know that typical 16 hour days and last minute schedule changes mean you live a hectic lifestyle. Understandably, going to a storage unit is the last thing on your mind – or that you have time for.

Our online system lets you manage your stored items by adding notes and pictures. We can find everything easily for you. When it comes to oversized items, our storage options come in all sizes. And with climate controlled facilities and 24 hour video surveillance, we ensure your stunt materials are always safe.

The storage units on set always get broken into, so it’s nice to have a safe place to put my equipment,” says Ror. “The storage butlers are professional and helpful, and make checking in and retrieving my gear really easy. Not to mention, it’s nice to use the square footage in my home as actual living space.  Ultimately, Alluster makes my life simple.”

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