Vancouver was just named one of the Top Ten Travel destinations by Trip Advisor. With the popularity of Airbnb, it’s the perfect opportunity to cash in on all of the visitors who will be coming to our city. If you’re thinking of offering your home up for vacationers, here are five tips to get your abode guest-ready:

Finishing Touches

A clean and tidy house is always a great idea, and adding a few finishing touches will go a long way to help transform your living space. From comfy throw pillows to fresh bedding, these little extras will make your house seem more like home to your guests.

Housekeeping Rules

It’s important to set a few house rules. If you prefer non-smoking and no pets, have this clearly stated. Other guidelines should also be outlined. Like how loud music can be played, or whether they’re allowed to have friends over. A few written reminders of basic expectations will help establish boundaries and avoid misunderstandings. (Not to mention keep your neighbours happy, too!)

Tour Guide

Use your local knowledge to provide some insider recommendations for your guests. Try leaving a few brochures out for them to browse through. The next time you’re eating at your favourite spot, hanging out at the Vancouver Art Gallery, or taking a walk at Prospect Point, grab some menus and free tourism guides. Little extras like this will help your ratings and create return business.

Stock The Kitchen Pantry

We’re not saying you have to leave your guests elaborate home cooked meals. Simply sharing your condiments, spices, and a few other cooking essentials will provide convenience to your customers.

Put Valuables In Safe Storage

No one wants to walk into a cluttered condo. Therefore you’ll have to make room in your closet and drawers for your guests to put their things, look for a temporary storage system to put your items. If you have valuables that you don’t feel comfortable leaving out, it’s best to safely store them away for peace of mind. Whether it’s confidential documents, family heirlooms or even your makeup collection. Ask our Butlers to pick-up, store, and redeliver your valuables once your guests leave the nest.

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