We know you have better things to do with your Saturday than to sort through old clothes and shoes. The first step is to clear time in your schedule. You’re going to need a hefty chunk of time to go through every single item in your wardrobe. Or, if the idea of tackling everything all at once is too overwhelming, divide and conquer. Sort through your shoes one day, followed by clothing and outerwear the next weekend.

Follow The One-Year Rule

If you haven’t worn something in a year, what makes you think you will wear it now? Don’t hoard items under false pretences. If you haven’t worn it in a year, it’s time to let it go. The exception to this is formal wear. While you might not wear that black-tie ready dress or tux every day, you need to have it just in case.

Does It Fit?

No matter what your size, the best way to look put together is by wearing what fits you best. We know it will be hard to get rid of that gorgeous pair of heels that you scored on sale but have yet to leave the shoe box due to being a half-size too small. But in all likelihood, your feet probably won’t shrink overnight. Those shoes are just taking up valuable space that could be replaced with a great pair of booties.

Fill Four Boxes

Don’t just throw things out. Separate your unwanted clothing into four piles: toss, donate, sell and store. It’s easier to let go of clothing if you know that it will be going to someone in need or that you will be getting a profit back in return. If items are no longer in wearable condition (rips, stains, etc.) then go ahead and add them to the toss bag. If items are wearable but don’t have much resale value, add them to the donate bag and call us. We can take them to a charitable organization (we recommend our awesome partners Dress For Success or Covenant House.) For everything else, there’s always consignment options. For sentimental or seasonal items, you can store them with us, and our butlers will take good care of them until you’re ready for them again.

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