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No Stress Travel Packing Checklist

We all know the feeling you get when you’re nearing maximum capacity in your travel case (and still have a million more items to squeeze in!). Even the most experienced packers can find it challenging to achieve perfectly packed luggage. So if you’re about to go jet setting, ditch the stress of it all by following the Alluster Storage Butlers’ ultimate packing checklist.

Choose The Appropriate Luggage

Investing in the right travel bags is essential for the start of a great trip, as arriving at your destination with broken luggage and missing items is a travel nightmare.  Your bag should be large enough for all the travel necessities and lightweight for easy transporting. By purchasing a brand you trust you’ll be able to travel with confidence knowing everything will be in tack when you land. Some of our favourites include Herschel, Away and Tumi.

Organization Is Key

Neglecting to stay organized can make your suitcase seem like the size of a shoe box. With a full itinerary, you are bound to have a lot of stuff. Consider using packing cubes, compression bags, and travel-sized toiletries to help maximize your space.

Carry-On Luggage Is A Must, Not An Option

Have you ever been a victim of lost luggage? We’ve all been there. That’ why we try and stick to a solo carry-on whenever possible. Be sure to pack a change of clothes, a sweater (to combat any cold temperatures on the plane), necessary toiletries, and some entertainment. Don’t forget to keep it light!

Keep Important Travel Documents, Identification, And Credit Cards Close

Losing an important piece of identification or credit card can be the demise of a relaxing vacation. Consider using a fanny pack or small backpack to keep your personal items close.

Store The Rest With Us

If you are traveling for an extended period of time or renting it out for Air BNB, it is important to make sure your belongings are safe. When storing your items with Alluster, you won’t have to worry about any potential break-ins, as our storage facilities have around the clock video surveillance and individual alarms on each unit. We make it a seamless process by picking up and delivering your items when you return.

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