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Downsizing 101 With The Alluster Butlers

Downsizing 101 With The Butlers

While moving into any new home is exciting, it’s also a challenge–add downsizing into the mix, and you have a whole other hurdle to overcome. Whether you’re moving from your family home to a city condo or from two bedrooms to one, the work involved can be challenging to deal with.

And we know it can be easy to procrastinate while planning a move, so to help make your downsizing process simple we’ve put together a stress-free way to pack-up and go.


Out with the old and unwanted.


There is a hoarder hiding in all of us, and if you want any chance at downsizing, it’s time to kick them to the curb. The first step is to get rid of all the things you don’t want or need. Old magazines, junk drawer items, closet dwellers, gadgets, and any clothing that hasn’t been worn in over a year all must go.

Tidy up.


There are only a few things worse than having to pack in a pile of mess. Pro downsizing tip is to clean your place first; this will help to ensure stress-free sorting and packing.

Get prepared.


For a seamless move make sure you have all your packing essentials including boxes, packing tools, labels, and newspapers. Start from the bottom up and always leave the kitchen for last–this way you won’t have to live off of Uber Eats until you get to your new spot!

Call Alluster.


Always do some research to find a moving company that can ensure the safety of all your items. By the way. We also do moves.The last thing you want is to worry about any items or important documents getting lost during the move. Tight on space and need to store some items you can’t part with? Contact us and let’s get started!

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