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Meet Chloe: An Awesome Travelling Alluster Client

Travellers use Alluster Storage Valet

With our snow-capped mountains, seemingly endless waterways, and dense forests, thousands of people flock to Vancouver every year to take in our beautiful cosmopolitan city. Rich in character and teeming with energy, it’s no surprise that Australian travellers feel at home in our multicultural metropolis. So much so that Australia was British Columbia’s third largest international market in 2014

Recently, Alluster had the pleasure of meeting an adventurous Australian with a thirst for travel named Chloe. While visiting Vancouver, Chloe wanted to amp up her adventure in the Northwest, so she decided she would take on the Pacific Crest trail. Why? Well, because she’s just awesome like that. Beginning in Southern California at the Mexican border, The Pacific Crest Trail spans 2,650 miles, leading hikers all the way back to Vancouver through some of the most scenic terrain there is. Excitement and memories to last a life time.

She was excited to embark on her journey, but she had one problem. Where does she safely store her unnecessary items while experiencing a thrill of a life time?

Chloe realized it was almost more grief than it was worth to go through the hassle of researching different companies. She needed a safe and reliable service that could cater to her specific dilemma.

Enter Alluster Storage Valet. Alluster picked up her belongings and kept it safe while Chloe was hiking the PCT. When she returned, she simply called Alluster and her items were delivered back to her within just a few hours. Where are your travels taking you this summer? If you’re about to embark on a journey and need to keep your belongings stored, contact Alluster, your personal storage valet, to keep your items safe while you’re out of town.

City Photo From Unity of Vancouver

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