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Alluster Life Hacks: Packing Up The Dorm

  1. Hold a Yard Sale:

    When you’re on a student budget, there’s nothing better than indulging in theopportunity to earn a quick buck. Having a yard sale is an easy way to sell your textbooks, clothes or a few odds and ends you’ve gathered from the year.

  2. Sell Through Alluster:

    If you’re a bit more pressed on time, the butlers have got you covered. One of the extra services Alluster offers is the ability to manage your stored items and sell them through a virtual garage sale! Mind blown? Technology these days…

  3. Student Swaps:

    Student Facebook groups are always a great avenue to explore when getting ready to clear the clutter. Try holding a swap where you can trade your books, shoes, or anything else you’re ready to part with.

  4. Donate:

    The spirit of giving doesn’t only have to be during Christmas, so why not donate to those in need? Alluster has partnered with amazing organizations such as The Covenant House and Dress For Success, where the butlers will pick up your donations and deliver them straight to these charities. For more information, click here.

  5. Store With Alluster:

    Whether short or long time, a simple solution that’s quick, affordable, and efficient is putting your belongings into storage.

Want to see more things like this? Head to @allusterstorage on Instagram, we’re always sharing new ways to store your important stuff!


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