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5 Tips to make a small space feel bigger 

Maximize your natural light: Use airy light drapes as opposed to heavy or dark curtains and utilize mirrors that will help reflect the incoming light.

Storage is Critical: Use beautiful baskets and drawer dividers to maximize and organize your space inside the home. Additionally, utilizing a storage company to keep your out of season clothes, decor, and less frequently used items will allow you to create more space within your home.

Accentuate the height of your space. You can do this by choosing tall curtains, using light fixtures as a way to draw the eye up, and finally incorporating decor with vertical lines. These small tips will help give the illusion of a taller ceiling. 

Find the right size of furniture! Too large of pieces can make your space feel crowded. However, too small of furniture will make everything look, well, little! Find a happy medium. 

Don’t fill all visible shelf space. Leaving some of your shelves spacious can lighten up the feeling of clutter in your area. Use shelving for a lovely plant and a few strategically placed books!

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