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4 Way to Maximize Your Square Footage

Living in a space with minimal square footage is very common (especially when living in a major city). Picking out the right pieces to compliment the size of your space can be challenging — but when done right, a small area can feel comfortable, and have a lot of charm. It’s time to start thinking big in order to make your tiny space have expansive feels. Here are 4 simple tricks to elevate your apartment decor.


Make use of any vertical space.



Optimizing space is the name of the game in a small apartment. If you don’t have much square footage to utilize it’s essential that you start thinking vertical. Consider installing floating shelves and emphasizing high ceilings with floor length curtains. This will help shift the focus upward and create an illusion of a more spacious apartment.


Keep it minimal.


As the saying goes “Less is MORE.” To keep your apartment looking clean, spacious, and sophisticated, you’ll want to decorate with simplistic pieces. After all, filling your space with too many trinkets will only add clutter.


Strategically place mirrors throughout your space.


Mirrors have the power to transform your space from small and cluttered to expansive and charming. Consider placing a mirror behind your bedside lamp to bounce the light and create the illusion of a brighter more open space.


Opt for foldable furniture.


Furniture taking up too much space? There’s a solution for that! Furniture for smaller apartments have come along way; there are a ton of quality folding options that are great to consider when maximizing a limited living area. Consider looking for folding dining table options, and multi-purpose coffee tables and ottomans with hidden storage space inside.

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